Senior Staff



Aliases: Peanut, Flot

Favorite Pokémon: Bulbasaur

Favorite City: Tumbleweed

Bio: I’m Flotsam – the proud Owner of Alpine Pixelmon! In addition to working on many builds on the server, I act as creative director for many of our features, functions, and updates. I also created this website! When I’m not on Alpine, I spend time with my pet tortoise, exercise, and stream on Twitch! I truly hope you enjoy your time on Alpine!



Lead Developer

Aliases: Zay, Glen, Ferendum

Favorite Pokémon: Castform

Favorite City: Okinawa

Bio: I’m Glenot, one of the developers for the server! I’m mostly in charge of plugin config, GUIs and other progression related features, but I’ve also helped build many of the cities in the region. Outside of the server I’m working on my Environmental Geoscience degree and my geography minor at my university. I also love competitive battling and would enjoy sparring against anyone on the server or on pokemonshowdown!



Aliases: DJ

Region: North America

Favorite Pokémon: Mudsdale

Favorite City: Vega

Bio: Hi, I’m Djchaos15 and I am the admin of the server. I started playing PokeHeaven in 2018 and help build during the relaunch of the server in 2020. I have learned a lot about battling and building since I have joined this wonderful community. I hope you have an enjoyable time with this wonderful community!


Head Builder

Aliases: Burger

Favorite Pokémon: Alolan Sandshrew

Favorite City: Meridia

Bio: Howdy! The name’s Burger and I’m the head builder of the beautiful world of Alpinia! I started playing during the summer of 2020 with my good friend SirDrax and I’ve had a blast building on this server ever since. If I’m not building on the server, you can probably find me playing Magic The Gathering, studying for my astrophysics degree, or hanging out with the boys. I’m looking forward to watching you become the very best that ever was on Alpine Pixelmon!



Aliases: Drax

Region: North America

Favorite Pokémon: Shedinja

Favorite City: Meridia

Bio: Hey! I’m Drax, and I’ve been a part of PokéHeaven/Alpine Pixelmon since 2016. I play competitive pokemon but enjoy the more casual aspects the game has to offer. Outside of pixelmon, I am just a college student majoring in astrophysics. We can always chat!



Aliases: Rapi, kake23

Region: Europe

Favorite Pokémon: Donphan

Favorite City: Okinawa

Bio: Hey, Name’s Rapi and I’m one of the old school PokeHeaven players from as far as 2013. I’ve always been heavily invested in competitive pokemon both on the server and outside of it. That’s why I’ve been commonly seen on the server taking on the roles of gym leader, E4 or the champion. Outside of pixelmon I’m but a humble farmer living a peaceful life in harsh yet beautiful Finland. Feel free to hit me up if you ever want to learn more about competitive battling or just want to talk!



Bio: Coming soon!


Community Manager

Aliases: Doink, The Doinkster

Region: North America

Favorite Pokémon: Porygon-Z

Favorite City: Tumbleweed

Bio: Hi, I’m PhattyDoink and I am a community manager. I was a builder when the server first relaunched in 2020, which also got me into the competitive Pokémon scene. I’m not the best at battling but I’m always down to learn some cheese strat! When I’m offline I’m probably playing guitar or doing something with music. Feel free to chat with me whenever about whatever.


Community Manager

Aliases: Anahi

Region: North America

Favorite Pokémon: Deerling

Favorite City: Valeria

Bio: Hi, my names Anahi and I’ve been on the server since we restarted it again early 2020 I started as a builder, moved to moderator and then to admin. I am currently a Community Manager for the server! In real life I have 3 dogs at home (Remi the middle one is my favorite) so feel free to ask for pictures! In my free time I like to do many different things depending on my mood for example I like to sketch, take pictures, play video games and listen to music. Don’t be afraid to hit me up if you need anything! c: