Alpine is In!

Join hundreds of other Pixelmon players by traveling to the Alpine Pixelmon, the best Pixelmon Reforged server. With plenty of features, endless content, a friendly community, regular updates, events, and additions, we are so excited to share Alpine Pixelmon with you. Alpine Pixelmon is the definitive edition of Pixelmon servers; we have combined the best elements of both Pokémon and Minecraft in new, innovative ways. So what are you waiting for?


Come join our community today!

Pixelmon Squad


Alpine Pixelmon features the exciting and custom-built region of Alpinia, featuring 8 NPC Gyms, 8 Player Gyms, an Elite Four, Quests, a Storyline, Dungeons, minigames, and so much more!


Alpine Pixelmon's Survival world shares progress with its Adventure World - allowing you to travel off the beaten path into the wilderness, where you can build a home, Team bases, or other communities with your friends.


New Journeys! Twitch Stream

Tune in this Friday, 6/11 at 7:30PM CST to witness a new adventure in the Alpinia region! Join Flotsam Rock at tomorrow as he begins his journey in the […]

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TEAMS. ARE. BACK. + 8.2.0 Release

Sweeping changes are being made across Alpinia, and new content is close on the horizon. To accommodate for the upcoming features, the staff team has been preparing other quality of […]

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Uncharted Labyrinth Release

In the swamps outside Vega, a sinkhole has emerged! For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, Alpinia’s subterranean climate is exposed to natural sunlight. At least, […]

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