Tune in this Friday, 6/11 at 7:30PM CST to witness a new adventure in the Alpinia region!

Join Flotsam Rock at https://twitch.tv/flotsamrock/ tomorrow as he begins his journey in the Alpinia region for the first time, joined on the stream with commentary by fellow adventurers Anahi and Phatty Doink. This journey will be interactive and largely shaped by the stream viewers and players of Alpine.

What starters will we pick? Will they begin the Gym Challenge? Are new rivalries forming? Find out LIVE by tuning in tomorrow through the link above!

Not only will you be supporting Flotsam, you’ll be supporting Alpine Pixelmon as well! Your viewership matters, and there is almost certainly going to be new and neat things in store for server players at the end of the stream! We hope to see you there!

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