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    • Glenot Keymaster
      June 3, 2021 at 11:14 pm #860

      Patch 1.4: Revamp & Reward Update!
      June 4th, 2021

      General Changes
      – Added Mega Stones Store
      – Added 4 New Personal Quests (available through /quests or the menu)
      – Changed game mode of main map from peaceful to easy
      – Removed Events GUI from the main menu
      – Added IV Enhancer Tokens
      – Added Gen 8 Legendary Token
      – Removed Brock & Madara Tier 1 Bosses
      – Added Wallace Tier 1 Boss
      – Flygon is now Bug/Dragon and has access to First Impression and Adaptability

      IV Enhancer Tokens
      – Tokens that will increase your pokemon’s IVs once based on their current IVs
      – Please note that this may lower some IVs, as it sets all IVs to 16/22/25 depending on your IV percent (<50%/70%/80%)
      - Uses of the IV Enhancer will set your pokemon at 51%/71%/81% IVs
      - Using the IV Enhancer will remove the shiny attribute, and will make the pokemon unbreedable
      - IV Enhancers are available through quests, crates, and kits

      Mega Stone GUI
      – Buy mega stones from the main menu!
      – This store goes on cooldown based on what stone you bought (1 Day -> 1 Month Depending on Tier)
      – All Mega Stones are available

      – Added weekly quests to clear all three dungeons
      – Added weekly quest to give you a legendary token if you have 50 quest points
      – Changed the Pixelmon Hunt Quest

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