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    • FlotsamRock Keymaster
      June 9, 2021 at 10:28 am #867

      Weekly Build Challenge – TROPICAL
      DEADLINE Monday, 6/14 – 12:00AM CST

      Build enthusiasts! We’re beginning weekly build challenges, where we give you a theme each week, and you build something to impress us with! It could be a building, mural, setting, whatever – as long as it embodies the theme! Prizes will be given to the Staff’s favorite build, and depending on the number of participants, 2nd and 3rd place as well.

      With the summer upon us and more and more excitement filling up, the sun begins to melt the Alpine slopes and the tropic weather sets in. Let us see your best Tropical builds!

      Friday, 6/11 to Sunday, 6/13
      We just LOVE earning Legendary Tokens and having in-world encounters with legendaries, buuut… having one spawn on you just sorta hits different. This upcoming weekend, Legendary spawn rates are going way up, so you’re sure to see something cool.

      Even better, the more folks that are on, the more often legendaries will spawn! So grab a friend or two, wait in the bushes, and hunt that Mew!

      New Journeys! Flotsam & Friends play Alpine Pixelmon (Twitch Stream)
      Friday, 6/11 – 8:00PM CST

      EPISODE 1: Join me and my co-hosts PhattyDoink and Anahi as we start our journey through the region of Alpinia for the very first time in an epic livestream event on Twitch! First time ever. Believe it! Nothing like it before.

      It’ll be lots’a fun though, and the more folks we can get on both the stream AND the server, the better! All are encouraged to play along, and we’re pretty certain the stream will end with some exciting surprises.

      Watch us here!

      What starter will I pick? Am I destined to be Alpinia’s next Champion? (don’t answer that…)

      Battle Factory
      Sunday, 6/13 – 7:00PM CST

      Big news!! The Frontier Brains from the Sinnoh & Hoenn regions have been scouting Alpinia as the potential location for the new Battle Frontier Island! In order to get a taste for how Trainers in Alpinia compete, the Brains will be holding their first ever Battle Factory in Vega!

      Don’t have a competitive team? No sweat! The Battle Factory will lend you three random and battle-ready Pokémon for use in an epic bracket showdown – oh, and outside Pokémon are NOT allowed. This event will be hosted by SirDrax, and specific battle details will be shared closer to the event’s date!
      That’s all we got for now! But we’re not just working hard on Vega right now. We have a lot of new content hittin’ you soon!

      tl;dr: Build Challenge all week, legendary spawns upped all weekend, stream Friday, Battle Factory Sunday

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