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    • Glenot Keymaster
      June 22, 2022 at 1:52 pm #898

      Patch 2.0: Revamped and Remastered
      June 22nd, 2022

      Gameplay Updates >>————————————————————————————————
      – Updated to Pixelmon 8.4.2 (1.12.2)
      – Removed GTS and Wondertrade
      – Removed Team Point Tokens

      New Features >>——————————————————————————————————-
      Legendary Trainers
      – Legendary NPCs no longer give Tokens outright, they now give 50, 100 or 150 Shade Dabloons instead
      – Added a Legendary NPC GUI to give hints and a working list of all Legendary NPCs
      – Added Steven Stone, Red, Volo, Tobias, Paul, Misty, and Professor Oak as Legendary NPCs
      – Legendary NPCs will now give Event Points

      Black Market
      – All players with 8 NPC badges may access the Black Market
      – Removed Shrines from Black Market, replaced with T1, T2, and T3 Tokens
      – Removed Professor and Villain Runs that were previously farmable daily
      – Newly-named Rival Run now gives 2 dabloons per win, with 5 for the boss (up from 1 and 3 respectively)

      Event Tokens
      – Event Points are tokens that are essential to ranking up
      – They can be earned by defeating gyms, npcs, participating in events, winning events, or becoming a gym leader/E4 member

      Score/Rank Points
      – Rank Points are obtainable through advanced quests, beating NPC gym leaders, beating NPC bosses, ranks, voting, and more!
      – This will be displayed in the TAB menu for all players to see, and will essentially be a measure of how much you’ve used the server resources
      – Rank Points will eventually be used to show off fancy upgrades, participate in high level events, and there may be a minimum requirement for being Gym Leader or Elite 4
      – Right now Rank Points will purely be to show off (Like hitting Diamond or Masters in another MOBA), but they will eventually have use!

      – Added Implementation for the Trading Card Game!
      – Removed TCG items from shopkeepers, can only be bought through GUIs
      – Spend Event Points and Shade Dabloons on pokemon booster packs and decks
      – The Arena in Los Diablos now is the official site of all trading card game battles! Just click on the podium block and wait for another player!
      – Aether Foundation now also has two TCG dueling areas
      – TCG GUI is accessed through the more options in /menu

      Quality of Life Updates >>——————————————————————————————–
      – /warp no longer requires a 3s warm-up
      – /warp cooldown reduced from 15s -> 5s
      – /spawn, /tpa and /tpahere also had their warm-ups removed
      – /rtp had it’s warm-up removed, and cooldown reduced from 30s -> 20s

      General Content Update >>——————————————————————————————
      – Added NPC Elite 4 + Champion
      – Added 3 more quests onto the end of the storyline with plans for more
      – Removed the Basic Training Quest (kill 10 pokemon for 1 rare candy every 30min)
      – Added Aether Foundation as an unlockable warp
      – Reset all NPC Gym Leaders, they are now challengeable again
      – Removed ability for players to default warp to pokemon league
      – Added Event Tokens to all bosses and NPC gym leaders
      – Added 10 Event Token reward for completing the main quest
      – Various changes to /menu
      – Team Raids replaced with Strikes, New teams Flare and Galactic are targets.
      – Updated Helpme GUI
      – Updated GymLeader kit to give +10 Event Points weekly, and no longer give Relic Copper
      – Updated all donor kits to give +1, 2, 3, or 4 Event Points daily depending on the rank
      – Removed /kit changeteam and /kit jointeam
      – Updated /kit member

      Rank Updates >>——————————————————————————————————-
      – Removed Monetary requirements
      – Added new requirement: Event points!
      – Added more Player Battle Win requirements
      – Rank time to complete Novice I -> Master V reduced by 33% total (250 hours less)
      – Added New Requirements: Rank Points Needed, NPC Badges Needed, Quests Completed and Player Badges Needed

      Quest Updates >>——————————————————————————————————
      – Fixed more problems with the Attackers from the North quest
      – Updated various prizes for each quest to be more in-line with difficulty, notably Point of Contact now gives rare keys
      – Updated all quests that give Team keys to state that they give team keys properly
      – Added new command /claimquest, this will bring up a GUI that will let you claim the most oldest quest youve been working on if you’ve met all conditions, this is meant to help players who have completed quests that can’t be claimed but by interacting with very certain npcs.
      – Updated all the quests to flow more together, hopefully reducing the number of people who have incomplete storyline quest problems
      – Updated many early quests to better show any npc youre supposed to be talking to
      – Removed Head Hunting Quest.
      – Reset everybody’s quest progress from the beginning. All quests have been restarted, if you had any active quests they have been abandoned
      – Added more failsafes to prevent players from getting derailed in their journey, including challenging gyms too early being a problem
      – Added more clear hints to the tutorial through use of titles!
      – Made numerous long changes to make quests much more stable.
      – Made some of the quest NPCs more obvious for players, some of them were pretty hidden to where I had to actually tp to the NPC to find it

      Crate Updates >>——————————————————————————————————-
      – Changed the look of keys for common, rare, epic, mythic, and team crates to be more in-line with server aesthetic
      – Common crate now offers a Score + 50 and reroll slot
      – Adjusted many of the chance values in all crates in favor of better items
      – Added Nether Stars to Common, Rare and Epic crates (to obtain Dynamax Band)
      – Updated many visuals
      – Removed Starter Token from common crate
      – Rare crates now contain chances at epic and mythic keys at increased rates from common crates
      – Epic crates now contain chances at a mythic key
      – Removed T1 Tokens from Mythic crates
      – Removed $$ prize from Mythic crates
      – Removed $50,000 prize from Epic Crate, $100,000 prize still remains
      – Added Mythical Mons to Rare crate
      – Increased chance of mythical mons in epic crate
      – Greatly increased chances for Tier 3 Token and Gen 8 Token in Epic Crates
      – Decreased all Masterball prizes to 1% chance
      – Daily Crate Updated visuals
      – Daily Crate now has chance for Epic key
      – Dynamax GUI can now be reached by clicking a nether star

      Visual Updates >>——————————————————————————————————
      – Vega has undergone yet another update
      – Adamant Island has been detailed and finished
      – Snow has been removed from most of the map
      – Player Information Building changed in Meridia
      – Server now cycles through 5 different MOTDs on the server list
      – Visual Update to Warps GUI
      – Visual Update to Quests GUI
      – Visual Update to Menu GUI
      – New Join Messages
      – New Leave Messages
      – New AFK Messages
      – New /msg Messages
      – New First Join Messages
      – New Message when you Join

      Bug Fixes >>————————————————————————————————————-
      – Fixed Novice 2 not giving all rewards
      – Attackers from the North and Head Hunters Quests have been fixed
      – Money exploits have been patched
      – Fixed a problem where the TAB and scoreboard would stop updating from time to time
      – Fixed a problem with quests where some trainers wouldn’t give you credit when you beat them (plugin issue)
      – Fixed a problem with quests where sometimes you weren’t given the next quest upon quest completion
      – Fixed a problem with quests causing lag on the server due to low y coordinates
      – Fixed a problem with quests where a quest that may be completed would be marked as incomplete
      – Fixed a problem with quests where quests that were marked as completed could not be feasibly claimed

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