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    • Glenot Keymaster
      June 30, 2021 at 7:38 pm #895

      Patch 1.4: Revamp & Reward Update!
      July 1st, 2021

      General Changes
      – Team structure has changed again
      – Prestige has been removed
      – Teams can now be created by anyone Ace and above
      – After reaching Trainer III, players are given a GUI to let them choose a default team to join
      – The three default teams are Valor, Mystic, and Instinct. All default teams are staff-run and will have bases on the map.
      – Completely redid the quests section of the GUI
      – Updated the Team GUI
      – Legendary pokemon are no longer allowed in Boss Battles, or against many NPCs (due to the Tier Clause not working)
      – Voting chests have been updated, money from these chests has been nerfed, everything else was buffed.
      – Added 7 new quests in the new Teams section of the Quest GUI
      – Removed the Hunt and Breeding quests
      – Team Leaderboard will now function differently. Only the top 3 teams will be displayed, the rest will be displayed in discord.
      – Added Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct bases to the map
      – Added a new area North of the Main Map called the Research Institute.
      – Added /jointeamgui command

      Team Changes
      – Team Valor is lead by Glenot
      – Team Mystic is lead by Flotsam
      – Team Instinct is lead by SirDrax
      – Default teams will have bases on the main map, but those bases will not be used for storage, etc only as visual bases
      – All players get the option to join a default team at Trainer III, and any player may join a default team at any time by doing /jointeamgui
      – Default teams will compete in all events as a normal team, but will only gain half the points that other teams gain
      – Some Team quests are available to anyone who wants to join a default team, after joining however you can access these quests whenever (even if you leave)
      – 3 Team quests are available to everyone, and after that, there are 4 more team quests that each default team has access to (but only 3 of them each)
      – Team Prefixes have been removed for all teams except the default teams (sorry it’s too much work)

      New Quest: Team Orientation
      After joining a team, you’ll be shown the ropes around the base, given the warp to the teams home city, and shown some features of the server, this is a non-repeatable, one time only quest
      Access: Default Teams only
      Cooldown: Once only

      New Quest: Attack in the North
      Zombies and Aggressive Beartic have attacked a research institution up north, and only you can ward off the invaders while recovering the missing tech stolen by Team Rocket!
      Access: Everyone
      Cooldown: Weekly

      New Quest: Orb of Power
      A powerful orb has shattered over the island of Kalawa, scour the jungle looking for sea lanterns to mine in order to recover as many shards of this powerful orb as possible for your team!
      Access: Everyone
      Cooldown: Weekly

      New Quest: Relics of the Past
      Venture off into the depths of Relic Cave to recover relics from the miners, cult members, and even Brock!
      Access: Everyone
      Cooldown: Weekly

      New Quest: Team Raid
      Y’all will have to wait and see on this one!

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