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    • Glenot Keymaster
      September 24, 2021 at 12:45 am #897

      Patch 1.6: Automated Age!
      September 25th, 2021

      General Changes
      – Various Team Leadership changes
      – Added various means of gaining points for your team without doing events
      – Automated the in game leaderboard for teams in the teams gui
      – Due to automation, only Valor, Mystic, and Instinct will appear on the leaderboard
      – Rebalanced rewards from team quests, particularly removing epic keys
      – Added team point rewards for Team Raids
      – Automated Tournaments
      – Added elo plugin
      – Added /hint and /helpme

      Tournament and Elo Changes
      Staff lead tournaments had a high rate of not happening, and due to this I’m trying to automate all tournaments, here’s what you need to know.
      – Tournament info will be posted weekly
      – Tournament will be viewable 15 minutes before start
      – Signups begin 5 minutes before start
      – Use the /tournament command to see the tournament rules
      – Use /tournament join to join a tournament before it has started
      – /tournament forfeit, leave, and ignore are all available commands
      – If a battle bugs, do /tournament flag to possibly restart the battle
      We’ve also added ELO to try and give a leaderboard for overall tournament experience, elo will only record tournament battles, and has no rewards until we have tested it farther.
      – do /elo to see your elo
      – do /elo [player name] to see another players elo
      – do /elo list [#] to see the top # of people


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