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    • Glenot Keymaster
      January 31, 2021 at 4:03 pm #834

      Initial Release Changes:

      General Changes
      – Added Menu GUI, accessible by /menu or clicking a clock
      – Added Ranks GUI, acccessible by main menu or /ranks
      – Added Profile GUI, accessible by main menu or /profile
      – Added Multiple smaller GUIs accessible by main menu
      – Added ability to change your own prefix on your profile page
      – Removed Player ability to warp to cities right off the bat, permission is now gained via Warp Shrines
      – Players now much complete the first quest in order to warp places
      – Added Legendary Spawn Tokens
      – Added more advanced Teams
      – Changed Rank system
      – Added an NPC Gym Track
      – Changed rules for Player Gyms

      Rank Changes
      – Added GUI for easy access and visbility of what ranks give
      – Reduced play time requirement for all ranks
      – Reduced money requirement for all ranks
      – Added two new requirements: Pokedex Completion and Player Wins
      – Added prefixes as rank rewards
      – Added a kit to Trainer and Novice
      – Removed Ace rank, replaced with Trainer
      – Master and Expert have been switched in their order (Master now comes after Expert)
      – Added rare blocks as rank rewards
      – Added pokemon as rank rewards

      New Map!
      – Complete revamp of entire map into a new region called Alpinia!
      – Added new cities: Chillage, Cliffedge, Tumbleweed
      – Renamed Oasmau to Silturf
      – Complete city reworks of Valeria and Vega
      – Shuffled and expanded Silturf
      – Expanded Meridia to house over 50 buildings
      – Players no longer have access to warps from the start
      – Added Warp Shrines
      – Warp Shrines are required to gain permission for city warps!
      – Warps for hidden shops and dungeons are found at the entrances to the shop/dungeon.
      – Changed location of Uncharted Labyrinth

      New Dungeon: Pharaoh’s Tomb
      – Journey through the depths of tombs under the sand to lift a curse from a band of archeologists!
      – Complete this dungeon and beat the boss to unlock rewards and a Tier 1 Legendary Spawn Location!
      – Added over 20 trainers to this dungeon
      – Unique and rare spawns have been added as well

      Legendary Tokens
      – Legendary tokens are our attempt at creating an interactive map. Now some legendaries will spawn only via Legendary Tokens!
      – Click a Legendary Token to open a GUI with a list of legendaries included in that tier, each pokemon listed will only spawn in one place
      – Take the Token to the location listed under one of the legendaries and stand on a diamond block before clicking the Token again
      – The Legendary should now spawn on top of you and take the Legendary Token!
      – Legendary tokens are obtainable through playthrough of quests, placing well at events, and via donations
      – Currently there are 3 available Legendary Tokens, all of which are Tier 1, more will be added with future updates!
      – There are 3 Tiers of Legendary tokens, with Tier 1 being common and Tier 3 being exclusive
      – Lists of what legendaries are included in what tier will not be released, it’s up to the playerbase to figure this one out!

      Gym Changes
      – There are now two gym routes, NPC and Player
      – The NPC gym system is designed to help players get their first competitive team up and running, as well as introduce players to the world
      – NPC gyms have an ascending level cap that is easy to follow with the story line
      – Player Gyms will all be capped at level 60 and will be an exclusively competitive league with no holding back
      – All Player Gyms may use Mega Evolutions
      – All Player Gyms are capped at OU
      – All Player Gyms may use Legendaries
      Gym Rules are as follows:
      – Sleep Clause
      – Evasion Clause
      – Moody Clause
      – Speed-pass Clause
      – Pokemon Clause
      – Bag Clause
      – Players may only challenge each gym once per day
      – Player who beat the Player Gym system may challenge the Player Pokemon League, the NPC gyms have their own league as well.
      – Any player who beats all four Elite 4 members using the same team for each within a month will be crowned champion!
      – Players who have all 8 Player Badges may challenge Elite 4 members once every other day
      – Player Gym Leaders and Elite 4 will be chosen at a later point in time

      – Added multiple commands regarding teams
      – Teams are no longer exclusive to actual main series team names
      – The limit of 4 teams has been removed
      – All players Trainer I and higher can create a team
      – All players Novice III or higher may join a team
      – Added Team Duels
      – Do ‘/teams queue join’ to enter your team into the queue to fight other teams! This can be solo or with other people!
      – Added Team Ratings, which is determined by a number of pixelmon related scores
      – Do ‘/teams leaderboard rating’ to see the top teams!
      – Do ‘/teams help’ for all commands!

      – Added a storyline that should be easy to follow to introduce new players to the server mechanics and get them started
      – There are no rewards for the Storyline quests, they are simply to help guide newer players
      – Added Daily Quests, which can be completed multiple times a day and yield high rewards if completed enough to receive a bonus
      – More quests for dungeons and event quests will be added as time goes by, these quests will have high rewards
      – Added a limited Quest GUI accessible through the main menu or /quests

      Legendary Spawning
      – Currently, Legendary spawning has been disabled with the exception of Legendary Tokens, this will not last long
      – Legendary natural spawning will be limited to a few legendaries, as many will be obtainable through tokens, events, or quests
      – As such, natural legendary spawning will be rare compared to what it used to be, due to the high availability of legendaries via tokens

      Resource World
      – Accessible via /resource
      – Pvp enabled, keepInventory false, no claim world that is reset weekly
      – World Border diameter is 500
      – Teleporting will spread you at least 50 blocks from spawn to prevent camping
      – Meant for finding Pixelmon Ores and rare items like zygarde cells
      – Meant to include rare biomes like Jungle M Edge that may not exist on the map
      – Will be reset weekly, this is non-negotiable

      – Crates no longer break!
      – BP has been removed from all crates as it no longer has a use
      – Tune ups and Vouchers have been removed or had their chances lowered in all crates
      – Mythical pokemon are more rare in epic crates
      – Increased some money crate payouts
      – Increase chance for better loot in Common and Rare crates

      Things to come:
      – Reimplementation of PixelSkills
      – Implementation of Legendary Generator
      – Quest GUI that includes exclusive quests that yield high rewards!
      – The return of player shops
      – A fully functioning Teams GUI

      Thank you for sticking with us through this transition, if you have any questions of comments feel free to leave them below!

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