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    • Glenot Keymaster
      February 1, 2021 at 12:10 pm #835

      AlpineMC Patch 1.1: Legendary Additions!
      Feb. 1st, 2021 – Feb 10th, 2021

      General Changes
      – Added Teams GUI, accessible through /menu
      – Added Team rating system
      – Enabled Team Creation
      – Enabled Team Queue
      – Enabled Team Base setting
      – Added Tier 1, 2 and 3 Legendary Spawning
      – Pokemon Changes
      – Uncharted Labyrinth (Feb 5th)
      – Draco Cave (Feb 10th)
      – Legendary GUI
      – Natural Legendary Spawning Returns (Feb 2nd)

      Pokemon Changes
      – Regigigas
      – Added Secondary Ability: Truant
      – Added Hidden Ability: Defeatist
      We wanted Regigigas to be useable, while still having a detrimintal ability. We figured that allowing players to choose their detriment may give Regigigas more viability. Adding defeatist will allow Regigigas to be strong out the gate (opposite of what he is currently) which could greatly throw off trainers who switch into something “safe” to try and kill Regigigas before Slow Start would normally end.

      Returning Dungeon: Uncharted Labyrinth

      Enjoy the return of this classic dungeon with new trainers, new spawns, and new rewards at the end! This dungeon’s location has also been moved away from the first few routes, meaning the levels will likely be higher!
      – Coming February 5th!

      Returning Dungeon: Draco Cave

      Welcome back our original draconic dungeon! Complete with massive expansions and unique pokemon that cannot be found anywhere else in the region! Test your metle and find all of the hidden objects within this cave, including 2 Tier 3 Legendary Spawn Locations!
      – Coming February 10th!

      Legendary Tokens
      Legendary Tokens allow players to spawn in legendaries once certain requirements are met, and any legendary on this list can only be obtained through a token. Tokens are available via Boss Fights hidden around the region. Currently there are 3 Tier 1 Boss Fights, and we are looking to add 2 tier 2 boss fights and 1 tier 3 boss fight by February 10th!
      List of legendaries down below! \/
      – Legendary pokemon that are not on this list are divided into four categories: Rank, Natural, Event and Quest
      – Quest Legendaries:
      – Legendaries obtainable by all players via a long or difficult quest, these will be implemented around late February. Quests should take a few hours or days to complete.
      – Rank Legendaries:
      – Legendaries only acquirable by rank up, currently, this is limited to Zygarde, though the Kanto Birds are incredibly hard to obtain without rank up.
      – Natural Legendaries:
      – Legendaries that will spawn naturally as pixelmon intended them to, this will include most legendary trios and any remaining legendaries.
      – Event Only Legendaries:
      – Legendaries obtainable only by an exclusive event, quest, or as a reward for winning competitions.
      – Event – Legendaries can be given out during a certain time period if a milestone is completed (i.e. Vote 20 times this month for a Genesect!)
      – Quest – Legendaries can be obtained through long and difficult quests that will only last a week to a month
      – Competition – Legendaries can be given through tournaments, monthly team points, etc.

      Team Monthly Ladder
      Team Ladder is finally back and better than ever! Compete against other teams to win monthly prizes! Gain points by playing and through participating in events!
      – Points are directly based off Team Rating (/teams leaderboard rating)
      – Team Rating is calculated using Pokemon Caught, Pokemon Defeated, Legendaries Caught and Trainer Battles won.
      – In order to participate in the monthly ladder, your team must have a minimum of two battles fought per person on your team (min of 10 fights)
      – Extra points are given for two or more people showing up to a planned event (+1 point per event) and for winning an event (+1 point per event)
      – Tournaments give +3 points for 1st, +2 points for 2nd, and +1 point for 3rd
      – Rating and points will be reset monthly!

      Tier 1 Legendaries
      – Regice
      – Regirock
      – Registeel
      – Uxie
      – Azelf
      – Mespirit
      – Manaphy
      – Meloetta
      Tier 2 Legendaries
      – Regidraco^
      – Regieleki^
      – Cresselia
      – Darkrai
      – Latios
      – Latias
      – Zeraora
      – Jirachi
      Tier 3 Legendaries
      – Rayquaza
      – Groudon
      – Deoxys
      – Kyogre
      – Zekrom^
      – Reshiram^
      – Marshadow
      – Shaymin

      Natural Spawning Legendaries
      – Cosmog^
      – Cobalion
      – Diancie
      – Entei
      – Hoopa
      – Mew
      – Keldeo
      – Landorus*
      – Magearna
      – Raikou
      – Suicune
      – Terrakion
      – Thundurus
      – Tornadus
      – Victini
      – Virizion
      – Volcanion

      Quest Legendaries
      – Regigigas^
      – Kyurem^
      – Ho-Oh^
      – Lugia^
      – Tapu Bulu^
      – Tapu Lele^
      – Tapu Koko^
      – Tapu Fini^
      – Type Null^

      Event Legendaries
      – Necrozma^
      – Genesect^
      – Heatran^

      Progression Legendaries
      – Articuno^
      – Zapdos^
      – Moltres^
      – Zygarde

      *Note: Spawn rates for Landorus have been greatly reduced
      ^ = Currently unobtainable or incredibly hard to obtain

      Thank you for reading! Please leave your feedback below and let us know if you would like us to continue handing out information like this!
      If you have any questions please post them below!

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