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    • Glenot Keymaster
      February 11, 2021 at 2:39 pm #852

      Patch 1.2: Survival Update!
      Feb. 11th, 2021

      General Changes
      – Removed Resource World
      – Added Survival World
      – Added Nether
      – Expanded Ultra Dimension
      – Changed Team Points System
      – Fixed Various Bugs
      – Added Zekrom and Reshiram to Tier 3 Legendary Tokens (Feb. 16th)
      – New Hub
      – Official Alpine Resource Pack

      Survival World
      – Warp to Survival with /resource
      – 10k Diameter World Border
      – Includes previously limited biomes and pixelmon blocks
      – PvP is disabled, KeepInventory is On
      – Will not reset, claims are enabled.
      Team Bases may not be set in the Survival World, and must remain in the Painted World
      – /rtp will now take you to the survival world

      Nether World
      – Only available via the Draco Cave Dungeon (all other portals will kill you)
      – 10k Diameter World Border
      – Loot and pokemon spawning available
      – PvP disabled, keepInventory is On

      Team Points System
      – All Player Battles now count towards team record!
      – Drastically changed amount needed to obtain 20 points in each category
      – Increased Pokemon Caught from 100 -> 500
      – Increased Pokemon Defeated from 200 -> 5000
      – Decreased Win Ratio Required from 95% -> 60%

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed Registeel not having a spawn point in Uncharted Labyrinth
      – Fixed Radio not playing properly sometimes
      – Fixed Ace II not giving out a masterball for rankup
      – Fixed donor ranks not coming with 10k bonus claim blocks
      – Fixed multiple donation store descriptions
      – Fixed MOTD saying “Pokeheaven Reforged” rather than AlpineMC
      – Fixed some GUIs having the wrong titles
      – Patched various holes on the map
      – Fixed /rp giving an outdated link

      Known Bugs
      – Ghost Boss Pokemon don’t drop loot (Pixelmon)
      – Generation 8 DLC pokemon can’t learn TMs, HMs, TRs, or Galarian TMs (Pixelmon)
      – Radio Battle Playlist has a 50% chance to play route music
      – Legendary Tokens don’t work when stacked

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