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    • Glenot Keymaster
      May 25, 2021 at 5:11 pm #857

      Patch 1.3: The Great Revival Update!
      May 25th, 2021

      General Changes
      – Updated to Pixelmon 8.2.0 (8.2.0 Changes here!)
      – Added a 1 minute warning to server restarts
      – Server restarts are now every 6 hours instead of every 12
      – Team Changes implemented
      – Added Regidrago to the Tier 2 Legendary Token
      – Added Regieleki to the Tier 2 Legendary Token
      – Various Rank adjustments to allow for more time accurate scaling and less road blocks
      – Added Prestige Track

      Prestige Track
      – Players who have reached the max level and have beaten all currently filled gyms can now reset their rank (losing all gained permissions) for a few perks
      – Prestige players may create a new team
      – Prestige players may claim one house on the main map to make theirs
      – Prestige players are given one Shadow Pokemon with an exclusive moveset and perfect ivs/nature
      – Prestige players are given an exclusive name tag in both discord and game
      – Prestige players also must:
      1.) Reset their balance, pokedex, pvp wins, badges, and play time
      2.) Release all pokemon except for one box and their party (36 pokemon total)

      Team Changes
      – A return to the monthly event point system way of ranking teams
      – Monthly ladder makes a return! Play the ladder as a team to win prizes!
      – All inactive teams are being deleted, and a cap of 5 teams is being implemented (Prestige players can create teams regardless of the cap)
      – Prefixes will be implemented for teams eventually, but these will take time.

      Vega Changes
      – Vega is being redone almost entirely to try and finish the build while making it look bigger and better than ever!
      – Glenot will be heading this project, and nearly the entire build team will be involved.

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